Soul Searching

by Sarina Wilkins

Soul searching, the remedy to everything, mind is the destiny,
to find the paths unopened, thoughts unspoken,
life, the key, only get one token.
Play the game solid, but place bets, and reject what's promised.
Afterlife, reincarnation, what happened to eternal life embraced with HIM,
forgiven of all sins, temptations that lied within.
Soul searching, indulging deep, underneath,
hidden in the anatomy, somewhere, but it's there.
Body can die, but soul with go on, mind will be left behind, that's why,
I'm soul searching, to find what's been kept from me for such a long time.
Now that I have time, meditation will come with relaxation,
feel myself being pulled away, by a sensation, creation,
of a supernatural high.  Opened my third eye, what did I see?
A young woman who looked just like me,
seems she had escaped her misery that lies beneath the skin,
and she had overcome this thing that eats away at the soul,
like an unknown revenge.
Restored once again, but soul searching never ends,
only when u stop searchin deep within.
Keep soul searchin, soul searchin, soul searchin, soul searchin.........

Soul Searching by Sarina Wilkins

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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