Societies Devil

by Sarina Wilkins

The devil got my mind trapped/discouraged by the immortality of reality/I'd tell you more but they got my phone tapped/they/lack a sense of progress/cause they keep us from/success/the test/to evaluate the mess/we've conjugated/the reason to protest/less we submit to their every wish/you follow the leader/but I'll take my own path/accomplish the tasks /that/ they won't reach/and breach/what they can't teach/and seek/what they won't find/while the rest resort to a life of crime/confined to wordly/materialistic/sentiments/and abused by a system of ignorance/hence/I've been through/what people/put up with/their/little/white/picket/fence/and since/I've made it known/there's no escape/unless/ya life is taken/then whose/in control/of ya soul/no votes/cause/there's no poll/cry/but there's no one to hold/or shoulder to lean on/blind/cause ya/eyes gone/and darkness/it seems all so wrong/while they jigglin they ass to the thong song Bondage/no homage/to the history of old/like the sayin goes/game to be sold not to be told/young cuz there's another way/get on ya knees/right now and pray/for forgiveness/don't wait too late for deliverance/your young mind/is weak from livin in silence/they say it's time to stop the violence/what?/ the kind that comes from cops that dislike us/fuck that/I'm holdin on to my strap/as long as they cling to theirs/cause I'm an alien in their nation/it's ok/fo them to shoot me/but illegal/to shoot back in retaliation/what we facin/is another case of Satan/debatin/on how many he can feast upon/through the white man's recreation/blue eyed devils'll/neva capture me/I'mma go down fightin/like the Titans/annointed cuz/I'm goin through a major crisis/tryin to defeat off hell/to get to heaven/but temptations/got me dwellin/and indulgen/in sin/can't see the pearly gates/but I'm dyin/to get in/mind/body/and soul/ the capacity/of the whole/intellectual being/comprised of a persona/who conglomerates/and brings the spirituality of kings/and queens/only in America/do we hate each other/for makin/it out of poverty/soveirnty of a nation divided/rewritten/scrips/be recited/every man created equal/wasn't sayin that/when they was hangin us from trees/and erasin/our vitals/gotta tight hold/like vices/on who might/hit and blow us up/like terrorists/but I ain't scared of this/rather/go out in pieces/then let you mothafuckas take my pride/and keep it/lock me up/cuz I spilled out all ya secrets/repent/hell naw/not to the law/ya'll don't even follow/can't take somethin/from a core/that's left hollow/I feel no pain/any more/ cause I have no sorrow/for the next man/or his plan/to defeat the world/mom's always told me/it's just you against it/when I was a little girl/so when I got older/it wouldn't seem much colder/its just there/danglin on my shoulders/and this is my book/but I can fit it in a folder/its not over/while you might be cast in a lake of fire/I'm holdin on to my Jehovah Jirah/healer/who condemns all liers/and cleanses me ! once again/so when I go back out/I'm prepared for all these sins/I might face in a day/and at night/I just get back on my knees and pray.

Societies Devil by Sarina Wilkins

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