Ghost Eyes

by Sarina Wilkins

Ghost Eyes, I see things people only see when they die,
I'm having, visions of wisdom looking through my ghost eyes,
You'd be surprised how I can circumsize things from your mind,
that you disguise with other emotions,
more serious than any potion,
maybe the remedy to your devotion,
but yet suculent, like being rubbed down with the purest lotion.
Whatever fits your pleasure let me open,
I'm hopin, that I can take the pain and leave it all behind,
somethin only done with these ghost eyes,
cause' I can see right through the pain
and the thunder that's about to turn into rain,
I can take and throw it all away, but I must be wise,
required with these ghost eyes,
don't want to do it all for shame,
cause' I have a reputation and a name,
not the one to blame,
when things don't go down the right way let me explain.
I don't want to lust for it's a sin, not filled with greed,
even though the option is to win, don't want to blend,
because my ghost eyes keep me separate from those who ain't kin,
not the one to fit in,
but get in, to institute my resurrection, of a revelation of realization,
to those who feel no more than a simple penetration,
whose mothers and fathers won't give them what they need,
but when I look at them with ghost eyes deep,
they feel like they've been recieved, physically and emotionally freed,
one by one they come see me.

Ghost Eyes by Sarina Wilkins

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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