Words Can't Express What You Mean to Me

by Sarina Wilkins

Words can't express what you mean to me,
the diamond of my eyes too real to see,
in its sense, maybe it's the quiet softness of your lips,
the way your energy moves through my fingertips,
it's your glow penetrating through my soul,
you shine through my mind like gold,
if you stood in front of me you could watch my love unfold,
but I won't hold you too tight,
give you room to breath when you want to take flight,
and when I whisper in your ear and you get that ting,
you'll know it's not just about that one thing,
but something deeper than you or I
that reaches far above the skies,
not trying to pry into your life,
let nature takes its course and things will come
together in time, cause baby your worth a lifetime,
and I don't want to do you no harm,
I just want to embrace you inside and out in my arms,
but Ms. Beautiful Ebony Queen of my dreams,
maybe you have someone taking care of you,
but they could never truly love you like I do,
cause it seems you deserve more than what you've been getting,
and I can be a 100% plus giving you everything you lust,
baby girl no playing games
I'll give you my all and the rest that remains.

I dedicate it to Lerae Petty.

Words Can't Express What You Mean to Me by Sarina Wilkins

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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