Love's Last Episode

by Sarina Wilkins

You were the one of my dreams, why had my love ran so deep, 
Thought you would give me your all, 
Because when you tripped, I made sure you wouldnít 
Fall, but all in all, I donít regret the
Love we made, thatís why Iím trying to stay,
Apart of your life, cause when times
Get tough, I always stuck by your side,
Not wondering why, but knowing
If I leave, youíll come running
Back to me, and if I should die, youíd be the one
To keep my soul alive.
Please tell me where things went wrong,
how can something so strong be prolonged,
to the point I canít go on,
Canít eat or sleep/ damn, I just canít think,
But was it the one who gave you that secret wink,
Behind my back, thought I didnít see, or could it be the one
Who dropped you off, I was looking out the window, 
When you came home, thought I didnít see how 
They flashed you that diamond ring, but I guess
You told them you already had the finest things,
Waiting inside, and for that I canít lie,
You came to me that night.
So why does it feel like you want something or someone
Else, you tell me Iím trippin but I canít help myself,
If you keep treatin me cold, baby this will be loveís 
Last episode.

Heard the phone ringing late, said it was a friend
So I didnít hate, but things are getting a little out of
Hand, please help me understand, why I canít 
Touch you the way I use to, everytime I try to talk,
you want to argue, situations are getting thick,
canít take this shit, feel my self control droppin low,
itís either love or letting go, which will you hold,
molded you into What I thought was real,
so if you are tell me Whatís the deal,
killin me softly inside,
Iím Bout to take flight, fly away
From here, after tonight, youíll be lonely 
My dear, and donít wait by the phone,
Because if you donít make a change
This will be loveís last episode.

Love's Last Episode by Sarina Wilkins

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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