Visions Of My Earth

by Sapphire

As I stand here and look out at the mountains. 
My thoughts return to you.
It is so like you, weathered by time. 
A strong force; immovable
As I walk through the trees. 
I think of the forest where I ran rampant hiding behind the trees. 
While you stood there with me absorbing your light.
Feeling the sway of the different flowers that touch my skin; 
or the sprinkles from the ocean on my face. 
While you penetrate my soul guiding me.
As I am frantic or hectic like the storm that brews inside of me. 
Pushing forth until there is utter chaos. 
You are as calm as the aftermath of the storm. 
Silent, releasing only in-frequent splatters 
of raindrops or distant rumblings.
As I look into your eyes I see an immense fire 
burning so deep inside of you filled with love and passion. 
One so big that it consumes you and shines so bright 
that the heat causes dizziness and disorientation. 
While near you my light is only the equivalent of the moon. 
Dim until facing you. I become full, whole shining as you do. 

Visions Of My Earth by Sapphire

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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