Victory is Mine

by Samara Bouie

                     Those are long days
             Ready to lay on your back and deliver
                 Strong hands pushing you out
                 Like a black man com'in at ya
          You don't know his name but he's ugly mean
             Look'in at ya like ya done him wrong
    He can wear a suit for a cover, but it ain't noth'in on the color
              When he's on the street com'in at ya
               And ya know ya done him wrong
        With them hands that a ship a grown man a shiver
                     Off his own two feet
               Wav'in like a yellow muddy creek

                     Those are long days

             They been so long I think it's freedom
               When I see a rebel heathen look'in
                     Like he want my coat
                I watch it that I treat him nicely
           Cause I wanna make him grin and knife me

                    Oh, Lord I wear a cross
                      Please forgive me
                   That I don't bear it rightly
     He saved that man on the cross that would of knifed me
                   Now look at all he's left
            24 hours a day and I'm too guilty to pray
              cause I wear a chain around my neck
                 forgive me that I don't bear it

                it's those long days that fight me

          keep me beating with the bleed'in knuckles of my fists
           some of them days gonna get knocked the hell down
                  the whole world gonna feel my science
                   under the scrutiny of two big bad fists
                    I could roll my eyes into my mouth
                           Cause I'm a hypocrite
                       But I ain't no ways put'in out
                         Not one bean over budget
          When them days come round ly'in about tommoffow
                           Gonna be another this

                          Who said I knew I had it
                       Do you know where I'm from
                             You wanna go there
                      Ya bom with it so ya live with it
                           And ya know what it is
                                 Extra fries
                                   Baby 3
                             If ya had any sense
                         Ya wo' nt read the letters
                             or answer the phone
               From correctional or coffectional institutions
  Though you can't blame a brother when ya know they did him wrong
                       That's why ya never put it out
                    When ya know tommorrow com'in

                     I sho'fl don't mind a harder liv'in

                       It's cause I gotta natural shine
                             An american mind
                  That wanna tear the whole world down
                       To build it up in a better way
                I know I'll be dead as soon as I hit my head
                               A couple times
                    But as show I'm live I will survive
                             Till victory is mine

                       That's my goal sing'in
                         I believe I can fly
                     Runn'in like a Leprechaun
                       To find my living soul
                     At the end of His rainbow

              Ain't no shadow gonna cover me walk'in
                             In the sun
            I can say grace and put away my loaded gun
             I got plenty tears to swirl around the barrel
            But I got years that a unassemble a loaded 44

                 When I was young I wanted to be a
                      American nat-tu-ral gal
                      Lov'in liv'in in the USA
               Gnaw I ain't gotta cream cadillac and
                        Hell yeah I'm black
                   This ain't no color purple time
               Yeah we still liv'in on the same dijrne
       But I believe before my ship ever hit the port fo' sho'
                  I knew where I was headed to go

                          I ain't gotta Lie

                          I'm still hungry
                             I still cry
                          I'm still fight'in
                       With them long days
                   I still hold the barrel of my 44
                  I got the white man on my mind
                        With all my chill'in
                      Liv'in on the same dime
                       But I caught somth'in
         Through all them wind shielded years liv'in blind
           I got a idea to pin the American dream on time
            We all gonna make it to the charity line and
                    I'm gone have a good time
                            On my way
                           Cause victory is mine


Victory is Mine by Samara Bouie

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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