by E.K. Ellis

Damnation, my soul screams
black; not black enough
All the trouble, all the bullshit
My soul, my heart
My strength, my damnation
Cry, cry out; hell is my cell
Damnation, damnation
Condemn the damn, condemn the righteous
My place, no place
Uplift the heart, shatter the illusion
Bind by hate, consumed by vengeance
Vehemently contradictions; surround me
In my power I control destiny
Damnation my soul screams; 
the damn don't know what I'm talking about
Fire, brimstone; I walk through hunger
I crave victory
I thirst for retribution
I eat the dust I came from
I am the dirt I was formed from
Shout out my dissatisfaction
Triumphant, viciously, tracing steps I've never taken
Washing the blood stains from my skin
Hollow eyes sunken in
Ghost of horror seen within
Damnation, castration
Cut away my thoughts
Bury my feelings
Grave not deep; yet deep enough
Awaken the anguish
Feel the despair
Loosen the chains, that strangle my spirit
Damnation, what of creation; what of justification
There's freedom, not all are free
Here's bondage standing next to me
Beneath me are the lies fed with honey
Damnation, sorrow shadows my existence
Grief runs through my veins
Windows, door ; don't open 'cause they're nailed shut
There's an answer to prayer, mine are never heard
I could holler, no one would care; they'd only look through me,
if I weren't there
Damnable life is
Damnation I've been condemn too.

Damnation by E.K. Ellis

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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