by Sakira Dillard

Unprepared, life does not prepare  us for loving.  As young women, we watch
false images of virginal white beauty on television programs designed to
brain wash our spirits into believing that western civilization definition
women is what our men want and desire.  Our men also are brain washed into
accepting a standard that doesnít it their own spiritual and physical wants
and desires.  They and we are taught to subjugate our own natural desire for
rounded bodies and strong arms.  Our menís eyes constantly stray searching
unknowingly for answer to a hunger that never seems to be filled.   Longing
for a peace, a piece that will complete puzzle.

Sometime quite by accident the piece of the puzzle finds you or at least
piece ( a peace) that comes close enough to ease the hunger, fills the void
and lays flat in the space, but unfortunately most of us are unprepared.

You came to me, missing pieces, expecting me to filling in the blanks
Yet my preparation of love does not tell me how to recognize what pieces of
me fit.


I came to you, filled with empty spots and holes
Hoping your life line had given you the pen to connect the dots.


We came together, broken, men and women
Lonely wanting only to be whole
But our hearts have not known the truth of love
Were never explain our roles


Unprepared to give love
Unprepared to receive love
Unprepared to see you
Unprepared to be you
Unprepared to be what you need
Unprepared to give to you
Unprepared to  give me
Unprepared to understand
Unprepared to be understood

So we come together, trying to join each other
Forcing the wrong pieces in the right places
Wishing for a fit in tight space.
Round pegs in square holes

Lost, lonely and confused because we are unprepared
Unprepared and afraid to ask,
Unprepared and afraid to say

Unprepared to help you,
Unprepared to help me
Unprepared to stand beside you
Unprepared to stand by me
Unprepared to know the beauty
Unprepared to see the beauty
Unprepared to be the beauty

In a world filled with unfinished pictures and faded images
We are unprepared to give the best of ourselves
Unprepared to be the best

So we wander through life never getting, never giving
Unprepared to be what we were meant to be because
we are just


Unprepared by Sakira Dillard

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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