What Makes A Man A Man?

by Sakira

What makes a man a man?
Is it the hair on his chest, the depth of his voice
Is it the way that he walks, or it just a matter of choice
Can he bottle it and sell it for every one's use
Cause some guys think its in the way he gives out abuse
Can he teach his sons what makes a man a man
And if he can, can he do it  again and again
When meeting a man there are things to check out
Which will give you some clues of what he's really about.
To tell you the truth, I think I figured out
What makes a man a man
And I'm going to explain it to you at least
I think I can
When meeting a man, 
Check out his hands, extended in greeting
Has he done any work with those hands so strong
Supporting his woman and keeping his family strong
Check out his eyes, as he smiles toward you
Do they shift back and forth
 Or look straight forward in view
Check out his mouth as he speaks words so nice
Do the words that come out 

Ring loud and clear or make you think twice.
Check out his ears, as he listens but does not hear
Has he heard it all before cause his world is unclear
Check out his face, staring straight back at you
Is it pock marked and uneven with all that he's eaten
right in plain view.
Check out his family, if you're given the time
If he loves his mother, stands up for his brother
And takes care of his kids, he'll give you a sign
Check out his car, yes I said it his car
Is it clean inside, and well maintained too
So he can take it to work and pick you up too.
Check out his job, not if he's a doctor or lawyer
But does he have one and report in like Diane Sawyer
Check out his shoes, on which he stands
Cause a man will walk in broken down shoes is
a broke down man
Check out his fingernails, are they clean, strong and clear
Cause you know you don't want now hang nails, dirt or left overs
On your body or near

Check out his hair, whether its long, short, deadlocked or bald
Cause if he cant keep his head together, he won't stand tall
Check out his friends, what they say about him
But girlfriend be careful 
Cause some of them might be Pretty Slim Jim
Check out his night lift, is filled with partying, drinking and 
Cause girl if he's doing it now
When you get with him he'll still be doin
Now sisters don't get me wrong
I'm not doggin a brother
Cause I love black men like there is no other
I'm just stating the facts as I see them you know
That we need to take a little time to check out the picture
before we get with them
So go slow
And if after you've check out all the facts
And the verdict is in and the brother is all that
Then give him the world 
Cause girl there is nothing better
Than a brother in love
Whose got it all together.

What Makes A Man A Man? by Sakira

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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