Aint That A Shame

by Sakira Dillard

Nigger, nigger, I'm not a nigger you a nigga
Aint that a shame, callin a white person a nigga

White face, red faced, and long flowing hair waste
A visual antitheses of a nigger

Dark curls and nappy swirls with tight knots
Close to heads. Is that a nigger?

Nigger, nigga I'm not nigger you a nigga
Aint that a shame callin a black man a nigger

Look it up, what's it mean 
A definition unknown  not to be seen

Never a Black Woman, unfound in the description
Of chocolate skin and velvet smooth

Nigga, nigger. I'm not a nigga you a nigger
Aint that a shame callin somebody a nigga

Callin people out of their names, a child of god
The creators creation, sweet repose, flowing and living

Bright red cheeks, swollen in surprise form the
Instant insult of one five letter, six letter word
Depending on who said it

You said it, I said it.  Niggers and flies I do despise, but
The more im around niggas the more I like flies

Im a nigger, you a nigger everybody's a nigger in somebody's eyes

Nigger, nigger, Im not a nigger, you a nigga
Aint that a shame callin me a nigger

You said it, I heard it, kept it changed it 
Hoping to making not something to despise

Looking in the mirror, don't see not nigger
Beautiful black reflects back a me

My nigga, your nigga, how can you claim
A nigga.  What is nigger?

Im not a nigger, You not either, Who decides what 
A nigger a will be Webster  not me

Given it a new definition, that's what we did
Trying to take out the sting

Nigger, nigger, I'm not a nigger,, neither are you
Redefinition of webster that's what we do

Sonia says make new words like Shakespeare did
You don't like the old word the just get rid

Of the old words that do not apply
Make new ones new definitions like fly

Meaning beautiful and fresh meaning cool 
And tight meaning straight 

All this new language better make a new school

Im was a never a nigga, a neither were you

Its like Sonia Sanchez with her soncru.

A child of god is the creators creation

And a word like nigger cant define a nation

So create new words to like flip the scrip

And when somebody say nigga please don't  trip

None of us are nigga, or niggers or any other word

Cause we are a new word, undefined and unheard

Not found in Webster's book, talking about you , me and we

A people in a struggle to be free.

Aint That A Shame by Sakira

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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