The Unknown Integer

by Russell Nichols

a nation divided by alienation
plus this alien spirit occupation
makes the equation unbalanced
the quotient of commotion
emotion is callous by fallacy
the sum of all fears
in notions of malice we
find absolute value
in the square root of reality
mother africa
breast feeding the galaxy
we multiplied as we sought the sky
then why intercept our coordinates
untaught to fly we bought the lie
and hung from trees like ornaments
we are factors of the sun
legally made a fraction
called three-fifths of one
inequalities irrational
overseer colonies called slums
dictator policies international
as we carry the ones
who fought for us to live

within us
father forgive us
for we know not why we wander
we move like decimal places
broken silence
from screaming sirens
and each decibel raises
libraries bury
and erase pages of truth
creating word problems
making statements without proof
and our essence is eternity
rounded to the nearest star
subtracting differences
we graph the path to infinity
though distances appear far
with our shadows at ninety degrees
we find the right angle
against all odds
even in the capitalistic tangle
of material gods
calculated into the system
we become products of
political pollution
and prostitution
fighting for the opposition
expressions of confusion
intangible tangents of untruth
where position becomes illusion
and the mission becomes aloof
but in the aftermath of it all
we will rise victorious
if we keep our eyes on the prize
and realize life in america
is not as easy as pie
but more complex
in remembrance
of those before us
we will remain solving to find x.

The Unknown Integer by Russell Nichols

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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