Unconditional Love

by Kathy Rucker

A Relationship With True Love Is A Gift From GOD.
It is when Both a Man and a Woman Love Unconditionally; 
without Greed, Lust, Money, Sex, and Power.
It is when two Unite into Friendship for a period of time 
and discover each others Past, Flaws, and Fought.   
Both are able to Accept and Correct if possible 
or Accept and Help Each Other 
Not To Continue To Repeat Past Fought and Demons.
Being able to accept and love each other 
no matter how bad our past.
Giving the gift of a SECOND CHANCE 
and then MOVING FORWARD to Marriage.
Unconditional Love has to be worked at Before Marriage.
Moving Forward to Marriage can be your greatest Gift to each other.
Enjoying Unconditional Love can be your greatest Gift To GOD. 

Inspired By Frankie Peebles, 

Unconditional Love by Kathy Rucker

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