Totally, Absolutely, Undeniably Stuck

by Ross Randall Johnson

Imperfect designs unconsciously slipping through,
The breach into a dismal domain, 
A poignant place preferably left unknown

Once inside and across transparent lines, 
The entrance instantly closes behind, 
A world where sorrow’s suffocating scent never looms

Acquiring knowledge risks building greater confines, 
As ignorance blinds the mind, 
From revelations about the extent of things amiss

Defining beings as servants, disaster, and master,
Limited roles too readily bestowed, 
A predefined order to widespread disorder

Best case scenario drapes the bitter spaces in fiction,
The script reworked, reborn, and revered,
A plot loaded with twists and concerns

Traffic signs read “souls for sale,” 
Pointing to a solitary soapbox pedestal,
At an intersection where questions collide with coincidence
Far away under distant skies,
A lofty breeze carries famine and unease,
Over horizons etched in bones

Vision tumbles down a valley, 
Creating echoes speaking a minor inconvenient truth,
The disenchantment of being totally, absolutely, undeniably stuck

Totally, Absolutely, Undeniably Stuck by Ross Randall Johnson

© Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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