Between the Severed Static

by Ross Randall Johnson

A Three Poem Poetry Compilation

"The Last Elegy"

Remember when the stars lit the night  
Flames burned through the fall of man  
Wishes could never be answered 
For relief they resigned to waiting
Until they found themselves wasting away  

Mourners crowded around the graves 
Lamenting for those stricken ill 
Sick with the stench of destruction  
Forever they spoke of waiting
Thus they spoke of wasting away  

Flawed from inception
Glory turned to smoke
Inevitably tied to one another 
For enduring the agony of waiting 
They suffered the despair of wasting away  

Never was it wanted  
Deception poisoned the well 
Misleading righteous individuals 
Hope in stone effigies left them waiting  
False idols paved a road to wasting away 

Madness defiled everything
Abscesses smoldered on halos
Rumored words and stark wars echoed
Expectations of splendor triggered waiting
Anticipation became a shepherd for wasting away

Flowers in pallor haunted dreams
Darkness poured from unhallowed caverns
All things bright and wonderful faded
Conviction unyielding sustains waiting 
Wasting away they sing their last elegy

"A Darker State of Existence"

Here your spirit rises
I can’t find our solitude
It scorches my heart

A shame to know
What you do to you
An awful sad place

A darker state
Your soul resides
All this time 

I know you hide
Wondering why
Are you alive?

Sometimes I forget
Everywhere you run to
Missing in the fog

My wondering eye 
Finds hidden spies
The world comes unglued

I see your trace
A long twisting path
Thorns line the way

A dim nook
Brambles for barricades 
No one intrudes

Where do you go?
To save face
An existence unknown

"Twilight Amour"

I turned and twisted all of space 
I rearranged an empty place

You got lost inside your own mind
You got lost and felt fine untwined

I molded a brand new cosmos 
I formed a world while comatose

Bent the walls with one glance 
Reality contorted by circumstance

I zoned out, trapped bedside
I found the grand upside

You folded the edge of earth
You dined in artificial warmth

I burned up the night undefined
I blanked out the worldwide sigh

Touched the ceiling despite its height
Climbed the stars solely with sight

I drifted into the sun
I escaped gravity on the run

You swore the sky spoke
You hid the horizon in smoke

I was blight
I was alright

Ripped the universal seams
Found truth inside continuous dreams 

Between the Severed Static by Ross Randall Johnson

© Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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