Love Wounds

by Walter Rooks

You infiltrated cantonment
Where I was reevaluating strategy,
When morale was exhausted, diminished;
While stimulants distorted my receptors and
All signals were less-than-clear lost.

Somehow you got me to stand at attention, salute you- 
Maybe it was all that heavy artillery you packed.
You were the higher-ranking officer, 
So I bought all the fuel we needed
To feel comfortable and relocate to your headquarters
For level-two interrogation.

I should have known it was entrapment,
Looking back, I should have known.

That night we engaged in superficial fire,
Soldiers at ease testing tactics.
I should have stayed with my regiment
On solid ground for a different kind of leave.
But there I was, sailing off on my own,
Aboard your ship committing treason.

You were good!
You had me so brainwashed after time,
I actually believed all that love propaganda.
When did you decide to take off that comouflage,
Plan these attacks and retreat?

Dishonorable Discharge my ass!
Sexy soldier this was espionage all along.
You planted these bombs to blow me up,
Leave me on the battlefield
Wounded and loveless.

Love Wounds by Walter Rooks

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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