Eight Track

by Walter Rooks

take me back
take me back
take me way back black
to daddy’s lincoln playin’ eight-track
where those alley ways
of yesterdays
still emanate with residue
the youth of me and you

high-water-bell-bottom jeans
made room for innocent dreams
stick-bats hit rocks for fun
laughter was beneath the sun
ice cream trucks and melted tears
scooped up age, chilled our fears
kool aid our thirst
while pomegranates burst

catfish swam
into mama’s frying pan
greased our hair
with afros in the air
the colorado whirled
time unfurled 
youth wet
another sunset

while love moved sorrow
yesterday, tomorrow
taking chance
making dance
swaying hips
moving lips
forever because
that was

how we moved
the way we grooved
to daddy’s song
right or wrong
we loved and prayed
the way little boys played
back in the back
daddy’s eight-track

made the sound
of god's heart pound
the music of our day
brought memories this way
that time so long ago
just me and you little bro'
discovering our place
leaving youth's face

on those sun beat streets
in the summer of our youth

Eight Track by Walter Rooks

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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