by Robin Andrews

We lay N the dark with the moon as our light
Plotting & planning our next moves, hoping there right
Just think, we became friends on the internet
Now we lay close 2gether N a passionate sweat
The scent of sex fills the room
Like a brand new bottle of sex perfume
Our clothes R scattered on the floor
Everywhere U look from the bed 2 the door...

Bzzz...Bzzz...Bzzz... What's that sound? Hmmm...

I start 2 kiss your body, & U begin 2 quiver
U smile & whisper, "Take me now"
I kiss your lips softly as I begin 2 enter...

Bzzz....Bzzz...Bzzz... What is that sound?

Making luv 2 U 4 the very 1st time
Trying not 2 stare at your body it's blowing my mind!
Seeing U & felling U inside & out
The juices R flowing as U uncotrollably shout!
U C...,
Some like it hard,
Some like it deep,
Some like it fast,
I give all 3...

Bzzz...Bzzz...Bzzz... What is that sound?

Damn, it's my alarm clock!
It was only a dream, 2 bad it had 2 stop!
Maybe someday, 1day, my chance I will get
Hmmm... by the way, let me C if she's E-mailed me yet!

E-Dreamin by Robin Andrews

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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