Get Your Hands Out of My Back Pockets!

by Robby Williams Sr,

Watching every move I make, I walk alone with my goals in my hands and everything is at stake,

Good days and bad days comes my way, 
but it's like a cloud is hanging over me and even when it shouldn't it rains anyway,

Shaking the dust off my feet as I have to moved from one place to another place,
Looking back at those hateful eyes like no one is smiling as they stare into my face,
Looking back to the days when I had it all and now I have nothing,
 My machete in my hand intelligently chopping down haters, 
fighting to get through school, rebuilding my life and trying to have something,
But do you have to hate on me, when life is cramping all of our styles?

We all should be on the same page, my life or your life what's the difference? Just read the damn files!

Just take your hands out of my damn pockets, there's nothing left in them but my dreams,
Do you want them too? 


You haters are nasty, sense you can't fulfill your dreams you are now in mine, 
so get a ticket, check the number, and stand in line, just pass me that bottle of Aleve,

Did I mention that I was moving from place to place, just read between the lines I had nowhere to stay,
Every corner I look around there you go with your hands in my pockets,

News Flash!

Why won't you check your own and look into them and maybe you will find some of your own set of dreams,

That way you can leave others alone! 

Get Your Hands Out of My Back Pockets! by Robby Williams Sr,

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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