Jimmie L. Rich

Born August 31st, 1982 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and given the earthly name Jimmie L. Rich Jr. by a mother and a father from Chicago, Illinois. He ended up only being raised by his mother after his father was murdered in 1983. From there he bounced around from Milwaukee, to Chicago, to New Orleans, and then finally to Cleveland, Ohio where he lived from the first grade up to adulthood. Though the youngest of five children, he was treated the worse and labeled the black sheep by his mother, which made life twice as hard for him. On top of that he was born and raised in extreme poverty.

Like most kids growing up in an impoverished environment, when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up he couldn't really give you a clear answer. But in the sixth grade he was given a classroom writing assignment where he had to write a speech about what he wanted to be when he grew up and his speech was picked by his teacher over all of his classmates. Along with that he was chosen to read his speech at the upcoming eighth-grade graduation in front of the entire school. And although his Virgoan nature caused him to be extremely shy to the point where he hated taking center stage, he stuttered through the entire rehearsal but read his speech with perfection during the actual graduation.

Though it was obvious he had a gift he was too young to really notice it at the time. And the lack of encouragement from his very na´ve mother didn't make things any better. His overly religious mother never supported anything he wanted to do as a child. When he drew pictures she found them and threw them away. When he wrote that speech in the sixth grade and stated that one of the things he wanted to become when he grew up was a rapper she told him to erase the word rapper. Her being against anything he wanted to do only made him rebel more. He was also thirteen when he wrote his first song lyrics. As time passed by he only wrote off and on as poverty caused him to become caught up in the street life. After almost losing his life and his freedom to an 18 to life prison sentence at the age of 17, he realized the streets was nothing but a dead end trap that he somehow had to find his way out of. After being acquitted of all charges and released he continued to face hardships but also continued to pursue his dreams. From there he enrolled in the Job Corp program at age 18, and wrote his first book, which was an autobiography when he was 19. However he postponed the release of it as he began to pursue educational endeavors.

Jimmie L. Rich is the author of Sex Wars Volume 1, 216 Ways To Die, Club Dark Emotions, & True Love Knows No Color. He now resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where he writes music, and continues to write amazing stories.

You can contact Mr. Rich via e-mail at jlrich216@gmail.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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