Because of You...A Eulogy

by MahoganyU

Overwhelmed by his force..

Death before divorce;

Is the words he hypnotized into my head;

The bass from his voice heavier than lead;

The creator of my inner dread;

Soul almost dead;

Echoing nightmares, of "You Better Do What I Said"

The emergency room visits, stitches..

Seeing Needle and Thread..

My blood spilling Red..

All because my facial expressions were mis-read..

Your beast has been fed;

Surviving off of my goodness, instead..

Why do you abuse? Mis-use?

Why can't I ever choose?

I wanna dress in something different than black and blue;

Not One more bruise..

I've long paid my dues;

Skin stained with different hues..

I have absolutely nothing more to loose;

Scared by your hands and your shoes,

Everyone knows my body leaves clues.. 

But there has to be some thing New!

To thine Own-self be true..

I'm God's child so I have to forgive you..

But we have to divide, it can no longer be two..

Place this in my eulogy..It labeled "Because of You"

Because of You...A Eulogy by MahoganyU

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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