Who Gives You The Right?

by Quality

Who gives you the right to make a man compromise his position based on the
fact that he needs the job and wouldn’t dare jeopardize it, because he was
so called under qualified anyway?

Who gives you the right to judge me with your overly egocentric, definitely
euro centric thinking, just because you think you have the upper hand?

Who gives you the right to ask me for assimilation and to face cultural
annihilation, based on over 400 years of forced domination and 200 years of
self-degradation and mutilation?

Who gives you the right to call a man lazy, shiftless and stupid, because he
doesn't play the game by your rules, with the aid of your tools, because
he's become accustomed to the status your society has forced him to assume?

Who gives you the right to minimize the greatness of those who came before
me, by staining their legacy with the half-truths, iniquity and hypocrisy
you have chosen to live your life by?

Who gives you the right to speak foul of a culture and call it uncivilized,
because it's beyond your comprehension how one can rise out of the ruins of
degradation to flourish and transform into one full of Godly Queens and
Kings that they were created to be?

I challenge your euro centric thoughts of grandeur superiority, because
nature only chooses the strong to survive and that we have done for hundreds
of centuries.  I can give you numerous examples of people rich with
knowledge that you will never comprehend and show accomplishments that you
will never achieve,
But . . . then again . . .
Who gives me the right?

Who Gives You The Right? by Quality

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