Wake Up!

by Quality

Why is it that some black men get a pass
Even though they aren't built to last
We can't continue to blame it on our collective past
That awful voyage is where the trouble began
But damn it, when will it end?
Sure our families were broken up and stratified
Yet some of us continue to ratify
That thought that our men don't care
And sexual relation is all that we are willing to share
The secret is out
Let's stand and shed light on these louts
Maybe the wisdom will come
And we can witness it in the young
They need role models of both sexes
It doesn't matter if you hate your exes
If children are produced
It's not hard to deduce
Be there to guide your conception
And maybe we can change this horrible perception
The sad part is, men of other races share in this irresponsibility
Our men just give it more visibility
Getting in the papers and on music defiling their women
Tearing down sistas should be a sin
See it's all about community
But sistas are granting immunity
Allowing men to go back and forth without impunity
That perpetuates the stereotype
Allowing the "majority" to continue to hype
And teardown, by saying black men are not responsible
To me, that's all just a bunch of bull
I am a man who stands on principles
I'm a firm believer in telling the truth
Even if it seems uncouth
Sistas, YOU have allowed this to go on much too long
Not taking away from the fact that the men are wrong
But, YOU possess the power
Don't let them continue to devour
Your spirit, is much stronger than that
YOU are the bearers of the black
YOU are the true Queens of this earth
Make them pay attention to your worth
Stop fighting each other
Especially when you find out that you share a lover
Obviously he used deception
And if he has "hidden" kids, didn't use protection
If he does it to her, what's he going to do to you?
He won't stay just because you call him boo
This is a wake up call
Going out to one and all
It's been said before; I'll say it again
Without us working together, we cannot win
Are you listening?
Obviously you're blind; you can't see
Take a lesson from my man Spike Lee
And . . .

Wake Up! by Quality

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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