by Quality

Rarely do I attempt to define the reality of my dimension
But listen now at my contention
The realism of my schism catches in my mind
Every damn time I try to find
A slice of normalcy
But all I seem to see
Is the reality of world lunacy
Afghan wars
Child age whores
Drugs and afflictions
Governmental contradictions
Crack house burnings
Heroine yearnings
Diplomatic diplomacy
Now that is a grand unreality
Or should I say virtual fallacy?
Pointing out the poignancy in your stagnation
Attempting to wake up a nation
From north to south, west to east
This madness must cease
Millions die of starvation
And we can't produce food enough to increase their duration
Cloning is a horrifying reality
What's up with this duality?
We can't afford it here, but we can afford it there?
Thoughts like this make me pull out my hair
We can increase the worlds' population
But can't end their suffering by developing suitable habitations
Terrorism is on the rise
And you can see the fear in my eyes
Just when you thought things can get better
Some ignorant act teaches you better
Planes crashing into buildings
Crazy passengers knife wielding
Can't tell one season from the next
Same gender partners having sex
What happened to tradition?
Does it speak to Revelations coming to fruition?
Who is the third anti-Christ from the east?
Why can't we have peace?
All of these things run rampant in my mind
It's a wonder I don't go blind
I could limit my thoughts to my immediate surroundings
Wife, kids, the bills that are hounding
But my world is broader than that
So I have to react
To everything that I see
How else can I help create real normalcy
The harmony of life
Is muted by chaos and strife
We seem to crap out each time we roll the dice
But press on we must dare
And make sure that we care
For the real unfortunates of this world affair

Real by Quality

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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