Iceberg To A Sunburst

by Quality

Kiss one dis one
That was my everyday motto
Remember living that love them and leave them credo
Thought quantity made me more of a man
I was young
Had no clue about real love
Motivated by the feeling that bodily friction creates
Went at it every chance I could
Fueled by forties of Old English and St. Ides
I was a beast
A monsta’ like Tookie Williams
A nightmare for those looking for a long-term relationship
Broke more than a few hearts
They called me cold
But ice had to melt at some point
Then in she came
Walked into my memory and never left
Made quite the impression
Gave that wandering boy a new direction
Turned stone into clay
Molded me into this man I am today
Taught me the value of commitment 
It’s made a hell of a difference
Now I take care not to make her hurt
Learned that setting fires in dry places
Probably only makes it worst
I cherish that woman with all of my heart
‘Cause her affection made me red hot
Turned an iceberg into a sunburst

Iceberg To A Sunburst by Quality

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