Happy, Happy

by Quality

Reaching for the stars
I found the sun
Reaching for a love
I found the one
Time tested magic all wrapped in smooth skin
Life of waiting it seems
Where have you been?
I caught a whiff 
Something sweet, on the night air
Mastered my unexplainable stammer
I LOVE whispering in your ear
I know what love feels like
Swollen in the pit of my gut
Messy on the inside
Legs are left jelly-like after watching you strut
Crushed by my fears once too many times
But you, 
You took my breath away
Without even one line

Like standing on a ledge and knowing the outcome
Yet powerless to stop my descent
Spiraling downward 
With boulder like quickness
I fell into you
Onto you
Didnít even hurt

I find myself believing that forever isnít just a word
Leaving would be tantamount to absurd
Never missing a moment with your essence 
Feeling you as a true blessing

Iím having constant visions of babies swimming in wombs
Life is calling us darling
Letís make this a family soon
Thatís right,
I said it
This ainít no fly by night thing
Feel me on this one love
As I give you this ring
I give you one kiss for love
Two moans for satisfaction
Like Shaft in his prime
I love this Black action
Baby, youíll never have to ask,
ďWho that is over thereĒ
My heart is yours and yours only
Iíll always be there
You are my sun,
My moon
My solar system and everything
Iíll never, ever leave your side	
They wonít call me Ashanti

I enjoy the scent of your smile
The taste of your laugh
The effortless freedom of your touch
Iím convinced that such an affair can only enhance 
My ability to escape into new realms of possibility
You are fly
You are power
You are joy
And I,
Well I just want to be your boy

Happy, Happy by Quality

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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