February 28

by Quality

Cold days play havoc with my pride
I see them there, 
In the snow covered clearing
Just as they died
True testament indeed
Blacks blues
Strong in breed
But what homage is paid
Only for 28 days?

In the coldest part of the year
We are there 
Being led astray
Like we can be confined to 28 days
I see me in the darkness and the light
365 days of enlightenment

February cannot do for me
What my ancestors have done for them
But we have that time to reflect?
More than that paragraph in American HIStory books
You know the one:
	Slaves were brought to America
	They picked cotton
	Lincoln freed them
	The End??????
Classism brought to the high school class
We get shortchanged in the books 
Just as life has been 

February 28 by Quality

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