If He Ever Met You

by Quality

Jackie Joyner-Kersee fast
You’re an HBCU track star
A coach’s dream and a teammate’s best friend
Chemical Engineering major smart
But full of doubts and insecurities
Moving from relationship to relationship
All you really want is to be loved
Searching for him in different faces and different arms
He doesn’t know how much he’s done you harm
Tried taking away that precious existence God gave you once
But thankfully it didn’t work
Party girl
You like poppin’ X and xani just to get right
Trying to cover up the pain with all of your might
Chance The Rapper wrote a song just for you
He seems to know what you’re going through
That doesn’t mean that it still doesn’t hurt like hell
Used to sit up waiting on the mail
Thought he would write to you one day
But it never happened
‘Cause daddy is a fantasy who only loves you in your dreams
Mama showed you a picture once
The resemblance was so uncanny
That doesn’t change the fact that he wasn’t a man he
Was gone before your gestation could end
And that’s basically where your hatred begins ‘cause
That destructive emotion turned inward
Eats at you every single day
To love you, dammit!
That’s all you really need from him
Like only a daughter’s father could
And like a man who contributes to the existence of a child
But I know that he most definitely would
If he ever met you

If He Ever Met You by Quality

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