Deaf Eyes & Blind Ears

by Quality

Deaf Eyes & Blind Ears

See all --- say nothing
Urban dweller mindset
Crime scene watching
Crowding in to witness the carnage
Cop cars surrounding white sheets
Yellow tape a stark reminder
Motivation to withhold
Information becomes costly
Price too high to bear
Windows overlook the concrete
But don’t overlook the need to stay quiet
Open mouths eject silence
Trust no one to take care of you
Detestable and unsavory 
For those who don’t live it
Blame 		game 		shame
Victims victimized again in death
Aid to blue suits and gold shields
Wanderers into lion’s den may not exit unscathed
Worry for retribution creates fear
Chaos abounds
Urban landscape riddled with examples
Made others think twice
Excuse, not
	just quite unpleasant reality

Deaf Eyes & Blind Ears by Quality

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