The Truth

by Q. R. Jackson

I sit confused no more!
I used to be your happy whore
Waiting for a call
Needing to feel your touch
Even though I always knew
You would never give me much
I held on to the faith
Praying to the gods above
That they would one day 
Grant me one wish
To have you call me love
But the truth is sharper
Than a Samuraiís Sword
Cutting me to the bone
Leaving me open and sore
Out of the darkness of fantasy
Into the light of the truth
I run away from you like a slave winning freedom
Wonít turn back to see
Your face, our life
Donít want to turn to stone
Like disobedient Lotís wife
I stand today in the truth
Because I am tired of living this lie
I know now that you will never love me
I know now that you will never 
Stand before God and man
And make me your wife
The Truth 
The truth is you are confused
And yet sure
The truth is you donít deserve me
You donít deserve to plant your seed in my soil
Or to play in my sun
And like the sun, the truth has shined
Light on me and my twisted mind
And I am glad to be here
Residing in the truth
It has set me free
Itís given this plant its roots
And from me shall spring forth
Life and happiness everlasting
The truth has ceased your feet 
Over my life, trespassing!
Long live the truth! 

The Truth by Q. R. Jackson

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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