The Mirror

by Q. R. Jackson

I'm standin in the mirror
Who the hell is that?
Is the question I ask
The reflection looks familiar
Like someone I used to know
But for some reason I she appears as a stranger
I wonder how she came to be
This universal soldier
I see the signs in her eyes
But deeper still 
I can see her soul
I can hear her inner cries
She's been hurt
She bruised her pride
Her head used to be raised so high
Now its as low as the morning fog
Clinging to the ground
I can see now what happened
To this used-to-be-queen
In the place of her regal splendor
She is half the woman she once was
Cause some self centered man
Stole her from herself
Her smil could light up a room
Her laugh could cure the sick
Her smell could open blind eyes
But she;s just a shell
Oh, she's good at pretending on her daily grind
No on would ever know 
The wasteland that is her insides
But the face in the mirror can not hide
From the one who knows it best
It is the face of a chameleon you see
It can not hide from the reflection
Because the face in the mirror belongs to 

The Mirror by Q. R. Jackson

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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