Who Am I: The Definition...

by Qiana

I am my own best friend because:
  I am not judgemental;
  I am generous to myself and I appreciate all the invaluable things that I do;
  I never compromise my values or standards just to be accepted;
  I do not need to buy material things for myself or anyone else to belong.

I am my own best friend because:

  Saying I love you to myself does make a difference;
  I am crtical of myself, not as a means of hurt, but to uplift;
  I am genuine and honest with myself, because others are not;
  I respect myself, therefore I will not allow anyone to disrespect me;
  I am proud of myself for getting an education, it's the best investment I ever made in myself.
  I absolutely enjoy myself; this is my mind, my body, my life..Thank salvation..
  I am free..To love me and all that encompasses that.

Who Am I: The Definition... by Qiana

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