by Qiana

What's so attractive about Black? 
Is it the way when we look into each others eyes 
we instantly know what's that- "
that" thing, you see, is the connection of a culture, 
the fusing of stuff;
the stuff that draws me near to your heart, 
warms to your soul-knows your struggle, 
feels your pain, rejoices in your triumph, 
prides your strength-we have so much to give....
There the boundaries are thrown..
miseducation, poor leadership, greed, selfishness, 
lack of awareness, inadequate esteem, drugs, 
bad credit, no credit, buy here pay here, 
no good healthcare, jealousy-
why that?
When there are so many beautiful qualities 
that attract me to black; 
no beating, no spitting, no cheating, 
no slavery, no poverty, no education, 
no money, no car, no ambition, 
no affirmative action-
will make me fade to black-
It's inner, it's personal, it's a kinship 
to know that I know- what they don't know- 
but think they know- 
yet we blacks know-it's the attraction...
Black people are the metal, 
Black culture is the magnet...
we attract. 

Attract by Qiana

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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