I Wish That Wishes Came True

by Sinsaysion

I wish I could make you love me
The way that I'm loving you
Make  you want me
The way I'm always wanting you
Make you happy
The way that you have done for me
Set your heart and soul afire
The way you have it blazing in me
But see
It's not as simply said as done
I've given my all
Because I'm certain that you're the one
The one I want to wake up to night after night
The one I want to make love to from sunrise to moonlight
But see
You're also the one that's not loving me
Giving me bullshit that you yourself wouldn't receive
You claim it's distance that keeping you from claiming me as your own
But I'm no amateur at this love thing boo...
you're probably running around singing another love song
While you capture my soul on the days we spend together
Your nights are probably occupied with someone named Ashley or Heather
While you kiss me gently a passionately before I leave
You're probably speed dialing the next thing you consider eye candy
While you captivate my mind with the lyrics your voice create
You're probably stepping out going on all kinds of dinner dates
While you stroke me deeply, roughly, perfectly how I like it
You're probably debating which other pussy you want to hit
And I know this but damn it's so hard to let you go
Cause I'm still wishing, praying, fantasizing but not concentrating on letting go
Cause I know that deep down inside you're a better man then you've portrayed
And even thought it's gonna kill me I gotta leave cause I can't be your love slave
I wish you would just try to love me
Try to give me your all
You could at least call me between the time I say I'm on my way and my panties fall
But it's like outside of us getting get for love-making if that's what it's called
I can't get a hey baby how you doing......not a text message, e-mail, or phone call
And as I sit here thinking about the shit I've gotten into
I can't help thinking about how much I wish that wishes came true.

I Wish That Wishes Came True by Sinsaysion

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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