The Poet

by Sinsaysion

I put my pen to this paper
And I'm free
Nobody knows what I'm gonna say
But me
Poetry isn't just writing
It's the way I've grown to be
Completely sane in other words you could call me stress free
In this writing I display life's true emotions
From the failure of love to the love that keeps growing
From the things that I've grown from
To those I don't wish to grow to be
But all in all poetry is about expressing me
The poet
In writing I express my individuality
Don't have to worry about others opinions it's all about me
And the pen
And the paper
And the words that we together make
This is my world where there are simply no mistakes
It just takes my mind flowing uncontrollably
My soul raging from the life that I must lead
My spirit yearning for love that probably won't come true
My heart yearning for a man that will be true
And I stroke my pen
Damn this is better then making love
I stroke it
No holding back it's all about what's with in
I keep stroking
And in the end I create me
Me on paper not in a image but in words that come from me
And I set it free
To capture someone and maybe give them better lifes
To capture someone whose probably living the lies I've already tried
To capture someone who maybe is thinking life ain't worth living
To capture someone whose getting tired of not receiving but giving
And it's captivating this thing called poetry
But all in all poetry simply portrays me
The poet
Open-minded down for whatever
Cause it's whatever
When my pen makes love to this paper
I'm the poet
I'm the one that's behind the pen and paper
I'm the one, the ceo, cause I'm the words creator
I'm the poet
On top of my game at all times
I'm the poet
But poetry truly frees my mind
Frees my soul
Frees my spirt
Frees the true inner being
Frees my worries
My regrets
My internal wounds that won't stop bleeding
I'm the poet
And as my pen strokes the paper
Sometimes even I can't believe that I'm the creator
The poet

The Poet by Sinsaysion

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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