Sexual Bliss

by Sinsaysion

It is in the timeframe when the mind begins to reminisce 
That the heart and soul are over-taken by the effects of sexual bliss
See during the moment that your memories of passionate love-making arise
Your soul is kidnapped, your mind mistaken, your heart taken on a joyride
Just because in your eyes it was the purestes of all doves in the sky
Doesn't mean that it was truly love making in his eyes
Because you broke him off and showed him just what you were truly made of
Doesn't amount to the realness and marvel of being in love
Sexual bliss allows the heart to feel what the mind knows isn't true
Sexual bliss encourages us to do things we noramlly wouldn't do
It is blinding in all aspects except the assumption of love
But all in all sexual bliss is not guided by the Lord above
It is in the timeframe when a friend becomes your one and only lover
That we convince ourselves we're happy and that we don't need another lover 
But sex has not been a form of true love in so many years
That's why our sexual escapades and rendevous always end in tears 
And I know you feel me when I say sex is good that's understood
But it brings could's would's and should's that are misunderstood
Just because she gave you loving that you never had before
Doesn't mean that she's ready to be only yours behind closed doors
Sexual Bliss it's the reason we have stalkers and fools
Sexual Bliss extends the invitation that popping up at her house is cool
It is confusing and misleading in most if not in all of its ways
That's why the Lord didn't intend for us to change sex-partners from day to day
That one-night stand to someone becomes a monogamous  relationship
While to someone else it was just better than good sex that was definitely the shit
That long-term friendship then becomes something of a higher degree
While to someone else it was just a curious mind a test-drive but he's not for me
Friendship has a line that is being crossed too frequently
Sexual Bliss is the substance that cause the mind to be 
Foolish and Simple
Encaged and Disarray
Sexual Bliss it's the reason so many good hearts are broken, tainted, and driven insane.

Sexual Bliss by Sinsaysion

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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