One Wing

by Sinsaysion

I am like a bird
Retarded by only possessing one wing
And to get the other wing
Love is what I must bring
But I've being trotting around with this wing that I have
And it's sad but I can't seem to find my other half
Cause see
I've been loving bird after bird that flies in and out of my life
But in the end all I get is broken dreams and lies
Why can't I fly like the other birds do
I need my other wing
Love I really need you
Cause I want to fly with whoever has the other wing I need
He has to be walking around looking for me
Cause how can he fly without the wing that I have
I really need him, he needs me, were each others better half...
Where are you my love I need your support
I need your guidance
I don't want to give up
But it's hard to watch these other birds flying
It's so hard that sometimes I lay awake a night crying
Feels like I'm dying
Cause I know I've given my all to each of the birds in my life
But it's like instead of returning that favor
They simply walk away and leave me waiting 
for the one who will be my flight creator
It's hell trotting around this world with one wing
But I'mma gonna wait cause I want love and I want to love you
Whoever you are
Where ever you maybe be
I have one wing
And to fly
I need thee

One Wing by Sinsaysion

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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