by Sinsaysion

My eyes sparkle like a star that twinkles
My thighs are smooth containing no folds nor wrinkles
My hair is kinky and at times rough
Nobody has to tell me I know I'm tha stuff
My lips are full like a cool glass of milk
My skin is softer than the most expensive silk
My hands are small and smooth my fingers are slim 
An my pride is much higher than any basketball rim
My sensuality makes me very smart
My sexuality leads men to my heart
The color of my complexion seemingly causes obsession
My decisions are solely made by me
My goal in life is to be all that I can be
My blackness does not contribute to my attitude
My personality allows me to avoid solitude
I give solace when necessary and I'm suave when in full force
When I die do me a favor and place diamonds on my corpse
My sense of sytle makes me what you'd call unique
I'd still be sexy even if I had crusty corns on my feet
My stance seems to leave men in a trance
I'm not a virgin but that doesn't mean I'll easily drop tha pants
My body the perfect shape of a coke bottle
I'm fit to withstand a picture like a fashion model
When I walk my stride symbolizes extreme grace
And when I smile I light of everyones face
My religion shows that I'm strong in the word
I speak loud and clear so my voice can be heard
See I've come to the reconciliationg that I'm me
Bold, Beautiful, Black, Brilliant, and Highly Unique
I want for nothing except one thing that's out of my reach
Yet and still I'm able to practice what I preach
Freedom is something that I'll never truly own
It's something this world hasn't allowed to be shown
The birds have it.....the bees have it
But yet I'm deprived
I hold a grudge so strong that it's visible in my eyes
For the remainder of time I'll remember how I used to be
And I'll rejoice knowing I was able to find the real me
But for now I sit thinking and wondering how it would be
I'm sitting, thinking, and contemplating the factor of the word

F.R.E.E by Sinsaysion

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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