The Essence of Love

by Sinsaysion

It is essential to happiness 
And overtakes 
And stimulates
Life's bliss and sadness
It is love's yearnings that brings so many from yestredays to tomorrows

It is that essence
Of having someone's shoulder to cry upon
Of being with a person you can bestow affection on
It is smooth sweet satisfying
When felt in full effect
It is captivating and tantalizing capable of erasing all regrests
It is encouragement and support better then a group of people can render
It is soft and spontaneous
And awfully tender
Makes me remember
Those days when you were merely a child
And the smallest piece of candy would bring about a smile

It is that essence that motivates all goal oriented minds
It is not mediocrity but the sweetest form of kind
This is a all together mistifying opposition of grace
A promising forever that will light up anyone's face
All of these things relating to the essence of love

The Essence of Love by Sinsaysion

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