by Priceless

Ring, Ring Ring...
And still no one answers the phone
I let it sing to me the same song
Except the operator sings to me reality in different tone
I let it hum to me
Singing the Blues like a Billie Holiday melody
Strange Fruit

I Tap Dance on the numbers
The operator says something to me
Worst then a Great Shakespeare Tragedy
Or when you hear unison when you're supposed to hear harmony
Pardon Me
But I Can't be hearing those notes again
Telling me I can't get in touch with the person on the opposite end
Pinch me once, Pinch me twice, Pinch me three times
Dry eyes turn to Vietnam War Mines
Dangerous Mindz seek explanations
Then comes along hesitation

Sometimes I wonder if I dialed the wrong number or not
Contemplation leads me to believe
That you were that 7-digit number gone wrong
Sitting next to the stack of feelings that I tried to prolong
Yes it's been too long
Maybe I'll take my U-haul truck full of memories with me
And just move on 
Wondering if I can see anything past this ridiculous horizon
As I'm stuck in this matrix because of this disconnected sound 
Creeping upon me thanks to Verizon
And though your hands will never dial the numbers to see how I've been
Let's play the game forget
No more Romeo and Juliet
You've already killed a part of me 
Hamlet. Macbeth. Me centerstage
Reliving a bit of tragedy

Tragedy by Priceless

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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