J.B. Pravda

J. B. Pravda was born in Brooklyn, NY. He was a US Government Attorney during Watergate, when he 'Felt' uneasy about governments and laws. Later he was a public company CEO and lobbyist. Now he is a multimedia artist, published produced playwright (paid royalties), columnist for leading magazines. A cancer survivor, he retired, on doctors orders, from business & lobbying.

He is self-taught in visual arts, his paintings have been published & exhibited as well as included in a national touring exhibition as well as several multimedia exhibitions in NY and other venues. Published diversity author via major university, winning Finalist in Stymie Magazine's 1st annual collector cards edition. Invitee, 2nd & 3rd Annual Slice magazine Literary Writers Conference; Lifetime Guest Artist @ Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts via 2006 Playwriting Intensives (invitation only).

You can contact Mr. Pravda via e-mail at jbpravda@angrysponge.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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