The Rapist

by Catherine Prater

The Rapist claims more than one victim
Be it baby, child, woman, or man,
Once you’ve become his prey,
He will devour you in every way
He will rob you of your dignity,
He will render you helpless, 
He showers his sickness from your fear,
He consumes you with insecurity,
He will leave you with the spirit of death

The Rapist bears more than one face
Be it family, friend, or stranger
He will slide around like a serpent,
With a handsome face,
He will bring you the gift of darkness
Masqueraded as light,
He will bring gifts of joy,
He will disguise his true ploy,

The Rapist strikes more than one time
Be it, night or day
He will leave you in fear,
He will hypnotize your innocence
He will take your name, and come back
Again, and again

The Rapist stalks more than one place
Be it, your home, in a park, place of employment,
In a car, Or in the dark, 
He will stalk your every Move, 
and pounce on you when you 
Least expect it

The Rapist bears more than one game
Be it, your mind, body or soul, 
He derives his pleasure from your pain.

The Rapist by Catherine Prater

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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