I'm Postive

by Catherine Prater

 I am positive

My life was invaded suddenly,
Even thought it was consumed 
Long ago, 
“Honestly I don‘t know“…
It could have been the time,
I thought being in love was enough
To protect my physical self,
However, Time has taught me, 
Although it’s to late, 
Because I was not wise
In choosing a mate.
 I have been dealt this Irreversible fate,.
I allowed him to deceive me
Make love to me and leave
Me…He would say, 
” Oh baby, I love you don’t
You believe me“. 
As he laid me down on my bed, 
 Pillow talk about
when we were going to Wed, 
I would ask, him if he had Protection?.
Ooh Boo,” he whisper in my ear
In a sensuous tone, you know 
It is you and only you, Girl, 
I want you to have my baby“.
After our climatic time had passed
He would look at his watch, 
pat me on my ass,
“Oh baby, I have to go  kiss me on the 
Head, hop off the bed, and out the door   
Into the night on his next
Deceitful Plight, seducing his victims,
 Until the Morning light.
He laid in my arms
One night, I thought I would
Surprise him with good news
I told him I was late,
He said, “He needed a break“,
 In spite of me carrying his baby
Now he is merely a memory to me.

He did time in jail, and was forced to be
 The bitch of the cell.

After he served his time,
He came out with a
Different frame of mine
Doctor told him he didn’t have
Many years to go…
Therefore, drugs became the center
Of his world, staying high
Is his new girl…
Seven and some years
Have past and the only memory 
I have of him is that,
 My daughter and I 
 We are H I V Positive.

I'm Postive by Catherine Prater

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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