This is Me

by Curtis Porter III

When I walk amongst you, what to see?
Do you see a man, faceless, non-threatening, carefree?
Do you look at me holistically?
See the gambit of emotions and life experiences
Can you honestly say you look at me

I am a warrior born 
Fighting battles in a seemingly endless conflict 
I fight as a man used to the scorn
A poor man's tool in the machine of the rich
You scoff because I can square my shoulders and hold my head high
My pride and my passion are sword and shield sent from on high
Now can you feel me

You feel safe when my manner emulates your own
Thinking I'm like you a politically rhetorical drone
You think you know me, but all you see is what I choose to reveal
You don't see the smoldering rage that burns beneath my layer of steel.
Ohhhh, you don't know me

Streets are burning
People screaming
Society a mish mash of personal demons
Can you hear the yearning
The desire for the same freedoms
Equality for everyone who lives in the Creators kingdom

I am that reckoning
The final arbitrator of truth
The wielder of the flaming sword 
A soldier in this raging horde 
You ignored my kind words and excessive pleadings
All it took was a knee on the neck to spark the proceedings 

Not a raging out of control beast.
Not an uneducated thug on the street.
I'm not what you see on those Hollywood images on tv
I'm a scholar,  scientist and philosopher 
I'm a husband, son, brother uncle, and father
I am strong, tempered in fire, sharpened to a keen edge 
As I stand before you, do you feel the dread
I am so much more than the color of my skin
However, I will let that be the last thing you remember when you atone for your sins
This is Me!

This is Me by Curtis Porter III

© Copyright 2020. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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