The Rebirth of a Nation

by Curtis Porter III

Five score and five years ago hatred was embraced
Backed by fear and usurping common sense
Sons and daughters are condemned based on race
Putrid visuals of man's self-hatred three hours condensed
It gave rise to gathering darkness wrapped in white
America's shining glory reflected in torches.

Death, despair, deceit lived as one with the chosen
They sustained themselves on a lingering notion
Not love or compassion, nor revenge or malice
Clinging to that intangible thing, that hope
Hope for today, hope for tomorrow, hope in their devotion
Even as the cross burned on that granite mountain

Like sprinkles on ice cream signs of change became evident
Education, employment, community were signs of progress
There in the heat of oppression where a knockout punch to Max was heaven-sent
That warrior spirit and athletic form giving our people success
This movement began long before Juneteenth
Still many a limb hangs low under the weight of lifeless black feet

Fast-forward to a world in uproar
The cry of the people can no longer be ignored
Symbols and idology torn down
A sea of faces pounding the pavement
Militant police facing an army of frowns
Floyds, Gardners, Martins, Taylors, and Aberys making statements

The storm has been building in intensity
A category 10 that will blow away their so called manifested destiny
The new nation shall arise from the ashes of the old
Stronger, forged in fire and pain, hammered to an exceptional balance
The visuals of this drama will be long told
Hail to our united homeworld, hail to to those who would be bold.

The Rebirth of a Nation by Curtis Porter III

© Copyright 2020. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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