The Moment

by Curtis Porter III

Prologue: The sharing of thoughts is another level if intimacy and transparency

As I lie here in bed I keep thinking about the moment. 

The moment our eyes lock and hold one another mesmerized.

The moment our lips part in anticipation of forming a smile or a kiss.

The moment we both inhale as we light every nerve ending afire with a delicate touch.

The moment we are physically as one and reveal to the universe our inner workings and complex harmonies that allow a wondrous state to unfold.

The moment before the last goodbye when its possible to freeze time and be one with infinity.

The moment our hearts and minds speak endlessly without sight or sound, but with a substance only we can interpret.

The moment we reminisce on all our time together.

The moment we are unafraid and embrace our vulnerability and discover where the poetry lies....

The Moment by Curtis Porter III

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