Faces of the Heart

by Curtis Porter III

You're all in my head
Shit is so deep I just lay in my bed
Countless times I try to see our path
Burning sage, holding crystal's,  daring Gods wrath
Frustrating,  exhilarating,  captivating, you are my heart's desire

You called me your heartbeat
In rhythm and synched
Cussing my ass made me rethink
Not us, not this, not now
I want to reveal myself, show you how
Challenging,  forthcoming, seeing, you are my heart's aspire

I'm talking that fantasy love made real
The heat of our passion forging a bond in steel
No doubt I will trip down and fuck up
Imperfect man that I am I will always show up
Grinding, striving,  thriving,  you are my heart's inspire

Love is meaningless without passion
We're talking discount v high fashion
A gourmet meal ripe for your palate
Let's serve one another ecstasy drink on sensuality.
Hugging, thrusting,  screaming,  you are heart's fire

Faces of the Heart by Curtis Porter III

© Copyright 2021. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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