What Happened To Us...Lately...

by Poeticizms

what happened to us...lately
what happened to us...?
I mean it was a time when the thoughts
within your mind coincided with the thoughts in mine
I felt your vibe and you were my life but I...
was what to you...?
at one time maybe the answer to your prayers
that nucca,
did all you needed kept you happy
all your needs catered to
what happened...
lost sight amidst deception at first light
relationship never started off right
from you to me
seeing the ex behind my back deceptively
from me to you
fucking the same girls I knew and few that were new
around and behind you too
but the trick was...lessons taught
in my past life
was not to lie cheat or deceive
but to make sure what you do in not detected 
in otherwords,stay low and don't get caught
but you..boo...you never learned that
and thru your own lips you told on you
my dirt would kill you a thousand times over
if only you knew
but we continued to play in this farce of a relationship
started out protected now raw doggin it
skin exposed emotions ejaculate
make a mess of the love we tried to create
what happened...to us
we fucked up
you blame me and I blame you
neither taking responsibility for things we do
you had your insecurites about me
a friend, or relative...but can I live
I made one mistake, not checkin ya girl
and since then you sealed my fate
as for you, I caught you to on
1,2,3 occasions
different men and different situations..
but what happened to us...
is that why hate visits us lately...? 

What Happened To Us...Lately... by Poeticizms

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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