It's Funny...

by Poeticizms

Its funny...
Its funny..when you really look at this
I mean we came into this 
thinking this was it
acting as if 
this thing, 
we started was going to be all that
Ideas between the two a connection of broken hearts mended,
welded ,
together by a false sense of desire to have what was missed
in the beggining 
hoping to find it anew and make it last til the ending
high hopes big talk and plenty of dreams
it seems
things you wanted faded
mind and eyes jaded
hearts poisoned, scorned, and spaded
you asked for...
I delivered MORE
mistakes WE both made in this
never discussed resolved
swept away like loose lint
insecurities felt by you and me
when and who did what first
not important to you or me
being with you.....
waiting to be with you
see you
make love love to you
to hold you..
caress you...
undress you...
still waiting..
still waiting...
time is wasting......
feelings of desire love and trust quickly fading
love turns sour, hearts become cold
wedges of miscommunication
divides our souls
its funny when you look at this now
seeing things as they were
so simple.... 
and how they are now
its just ....funny...
like a drug i took you way back then
now i am feeling your effect..... 

It's Funny... by Poeticizms

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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