I See

by Phoenix Ford

When I look into the mirror
It is not the strong black woman,
the Beautiful Nubian Princess,
Or Magnificent African Goddess I see

Itís the frightened little girl,
Wounded from fear and
Hiding from success. 
Escaping from pain and
Laughing to keep from crying

U see me as a woman
I see myself as a child

Still hoping and wishing
For a miracle
For a love so rare and true
It mystifies me
Moves me, makes me free
Lets me hope and 
Comforts me

I see the scared remnants
Of past abuse
Horrible assaults
Degrading words

U see me as I stand now

If you didnít know me -
If I never spoke of --
Would U Know?
Just by looking?

That Iím afraid 
Of me and of you
What you make me feel
How you make me real
And this is only phase one
To a real adult relationship

Something strong, whole, real

I am not the Nubian princess
You tell me I am.
I am just me,
A little girl lost,
A damaged soul

Looking to be whole
Looking for my place

You help me realize
When I look in the mirror
That itís not the scars or cellulite
Itís not the sagging breasts or
Overweight thighs and stomach bulge

Those donít make me who I am,
Those are only the surface,
Itís underneath, the inside thatís counts.

Itís Ė you tell me Ė
Itís the way I walk and move
Thatís where I am a princess

Itís the way I talk and hold myself
Thatís make me a goddess

Itís the way my smile lights up my face
Especially when I look at you
Or think about the way you see me
That makes me 
A strong black woman

Someone strong, 
someone to be reckoned with

Someone beautiful

When I look in the mirror



I See by Phoenix Ford

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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